Cosy B & B in Sweden

Wingarden is a small and cosy B & B situated in the tranquil countryside on Lake Vänern on the Värmlandsnäs peninsula which is also  the sunniest spot in Scandinavia.

With a stunning view towards Lake Vänern this is the perfect place for a stop over and a welcome break from travelling. Our outside seating area in front of the house is  perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sunset over the lake. 

Situated only 25 kilometers from the small town of Säffle on the road to Ekenäs and about 3-4 hours from Göteborg, Stockholm and Oslo by car it is easily accessible. There is however no direct means of public transportation, but perfect for riding a bike.


The area is

Wingarden B & B

You are welcome and free to stroll around and explore our large and slightly overgrown garden. Here you will always find something in bloom amongst the rich variety of plants, flowers, bushes and trees.

This makes it the home a rich variety of small birds and butterflies to watch and enjoy..

You are free to pick and eat all that is growing here, berries, apples, pears and grapes. 

Or you can just lay down in a hammock and close your eyes, only disturbed by birdsong.


Wingarden B & B opened in 2018

We had a successful first year and are now looking forward to next season and wish you welcome here to enjoy this beautiful, and tranquil part of Sweden.

This picture is the view from the front of the house towards the lake and over the farmland area which surrounds Wingarden. Just as magic at sundown, when the sun sets over the lake and makes the sky turn into all kinds of colors from pale pink to bright red and orange.

You can easily take a stroll down to the lake and into nearby woodland or take a morning jog or maybe just stay put in a chair and sip your coffee and watch the wildlife passing by.